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Food Safety Summit Education Advisory Board

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Great Minds Collaborating on the 2019 Food Safety Summit Education Advisory Board

This week the members of the 2019 Food Safety Summit Educational Advisory Board were announced. It is fantastic to see what a wealth of knowledge we have on this board. The time these individuals dedicate is so important to the food industry. Various segments of the industry are represented including food manufacturing, retail, supply chain, distribution, regulatory and academia. It will be exciting to see the education content developed for Food Safety Summit 2019 which will be held in May.  The content at The Food Safety Summit is critical to solution planning for industry leaders. In addition to information on hot industry topics, seven certification programs will be offered as well as 200 exhibits on the trade show floor. 

Members of the Educational Advisory Board, include: 

  • Gary Ades, PhD President, G&L Consulting Group, Chair of Educational Advisory Board

  • Dane Bernard (NEW) Managing Director, Bold Bear Food Safety

  • Chirag H. Bhatt, RS, CCFS Director, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Buc-ee's Ltd.

  • Joe Corby - Senior Advisor, The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)

  • Will Daniels - President, Produce Division, IEH

  • Oscar Garrison (NEW) - Senior VP of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, United Egg Producers

  • Craig Henry, PhD Food Safety Consultant, Intro Inc.

  • Lee-Ann Jaykus, PhD William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor & Noro CORE Scientific Director, North Carolina State University

  • Gillian Kelleher Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Wegman's

  • Hal King, PhD (NEW) Founder/CEO, Public Health Innovations

  • Mahipal Kunduru, PhD - Vice President, Quality Assurance, Topco Associates

  • Bill Lachowsky (NEW) Food Safety, Education, and Training Consultant

  • Alvin Lee, PhD (NEW) Director, Center for Processing Innovation; Institute for Food Safety and Health and Associate Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Glenda Lewis - M.S.P.H., Director, Retail Food Protection Staff, FDA

  • Arthur P. Liang, MD, MPH Senior Advisor for Food Safety, CDC

  • Steven Lyon, PhD (NEW) - Operations Manager, Food Safety Solutions, Chick-Fil-A

  • Joan Menke-Schaenzer Chief Quality Officer, Van Drunen Farms/FutureCeuticals

  • Brendan Niemira, PhD (NEW) Research Leader, Food Safety and Interventions Research Unit, USDA-ARS Easter Regional Research Center

  • Donna Schaffner, MS - Associate Director, Food Safety, Quality Assurance & Training, Rutgers University

  • John Spink, PhD Director and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

  • Shawn Stevens National Food Industry Lawyer, Food Industry Council

  • Mary Lynn Walsh (NEW) Regional Director, Food Safety, Sysco

  • Craig Wilson Vice President, GMM, Costco

  • John Zimmermann Vice President, Quality Assurance & Food Safety, First Watch Restaurants

- Dana Slagle, CEO - Brand Protection Consultants, LLC 

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