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Trusted Food Safety Consulting

"I've worked with Dana for more than 10 years since she was at Steritech and I was at YUM! Brands. Dana is wonderful to work with! Her positive, engaging style along with her deep expertise in operational and process food safety for foodservice and retail companies is outstanding." 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dana for the past two years at Restaurant Technologies. Dana has been a wonderful partner who has helped us develop and grow our program. Dana always jumps right in to solve issues and make sure the customer is happy. Dana is energetic, dependable, and a huge asset to any team!"

"I worked with Dana for four years. She is a consummate professional and is a significant resource with respect to food safety. Her assistance in developing a program designed to improve my company’s food safety execution was invaluable. She listened to our needs and developed a program to meet those needs. Additionally, Dana stayed engaged throughout the relationship and brought additional resources to bear when needed. She was a pleasure to work with."

 -Frank Quinn

C-Core Concepts

"Dana is exceptional and excels beyond her job requirements. As a salesperson she was not required to obtain or maintain a food safety credential. In order to best serve the client with a thorough understanding of their requirements, she was personally motivated to achieved her Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS) credential. Additionally, she is passionate about the industry that she represents and displays her enthusiasm with each client encounter. She is genuine, honest and a delight to work with."

 -Jamie Stamey

Food Safety, Applied Nutrition & Training Consultant, Seminars, Workshops, and Training

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dana during my time at YUM! Brands. Dana is an inspiring leader, who has the ability to navigate relationships within large organizations to get things done. She has shown a knack for communicating a value-proposition to companies while also maintaining the "human touch" that can often get lost in a sales environment. I would gladly work with her again, and strongly recommend her if you are looking for someone to engage and inspire others while also executing strategy successfully! "

 -Dwight Lavender

"I had the pleasure of working with Dana during her tenure at Steritech and she always put 110% into every aspect of her role. Dana is an amazing connector and master networker who truly lives, breathes, and models her passion for food safety and consultative programs everyday. If you’re looking to work with someone who’s not only passionate, enjoyable and amazingly smart when it comes to food safety - look no further! Watch out for this lady, she’s truly a Rock Chick Entrepreneur!”

-Tanya Wittig - Strategic Account Manager 

"I’ve had the chance to work directly with Dana on projects for established c-store brands that were looking to improve operations and customer experience as well as growing brands that were evolving their offerings. I appreciated her knowledge of the industry, the unique challenges to c-stores and the outside perspective her experience brought.""

 -Dan Metrano

Food Safety Manager - Global Partners Convenience Store Group

"As the public relations consultant for Steton Technology Group, I've had the opportunity to work with Dana on numerous occasions. She has been absolutely rockin' it on social media for Steton, posting must-read blogs on LinkedIn Pulse and engaging content on Twitter. Dana knows how to utilize social media to not only share her food safety expertise, but also just to establish meaningful connections with others. Plus, her optimistic, can-do attitude is infectious. If you haven't crossed paths with Dana yet on social media, then go find her right now on Pulse or Twitter."

 -Jeff Pizzino

Public Relations Consultant Vice President, Corporate Communications at Converus

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