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Dana Slagle

Dana Slagle NEVER thought she would have a consulting business focused on food safety. But she does. Why? She realized that while many brands in the food service industry are doing some great things in terms of safety and compliance, many are not.  Not because they don’t believe food safety and compliance are important, but because they lack the resources necessary to make them best in class. With that in mind, Dana’s motivation is to help those companies close the gap. Why? Because a brand is a terrible thing to waste! 

Dana brings a unique, less intimidating approach to what has historically been a scary process for many food service operators. Consistently complying with health, safety and cleanliness standards does not have to be overwhelming. The mission of Brand Protection Consultants is to work with food service operators to simplify processes, implement industry best practices and make them as easy as possible to execute.

Dana holds a Certified Professional – Food Safety Credential through the National Environmental Health Association and has dedicated more than 15 years to assisting well respected, national chains in their efforts to protect their brands. She is a member of the Women’s Foodservice Forum and The Colorado Restaurant Association. Her work with restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and other industry segments has contributed to improved operations and stronger compliance programs.

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