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Breaking Down the 10 major changes to the Colorado Food Code – Change #2–Potentially Hazardous Foods

On January 1, 2019 the state of Colorado adopted the 2013 FDA Food Code. What does this mean to you as a foodservice operator in Colorado? It means that your operation will be impacted. In order to prepare the first step is to be aware of what the changes are.

There are 10 major changes. One of the changes has to do with Date Marking of Ready to Eat Foods.

What is the change?

Certain RTE, Potentially Hazardous Foods, which require time and temperature control for safety and kept for more than 24 hours must be date marked. Make sure that your team is aware of this and the fact that these foods must be sold, served or thrown out within seven days after it is prepared or opened.

Brand Protection Consultants offers onsite, one hour, workshops in the Greater Denver area. These workshops are designed to provide a basic overview of the changes. Scheduling a workshop in your establishment is a simple way to ensure that your team members have the knowledge they need. It will help them understand the “why” behind the changes and how they protect public health.

For more information on the food code changes you can visit the Colorado Department of Health website. If you have additional questions Brand Protection Consultants are happy to help. We can be reached at 720-669-8032 or . For information on our workshops go to

Remember- Be Clean. Be Consistent. Be Compliant. Be Safe

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