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Should you copy what Chipotle is doing?

Chipotle has faced challenges in the past few years. Enough about that. The positive is that as a result they have invested a substantial amount of time and resources into their food integrity program.

If you are skeptical look at their website and click on the "Food Integrity Tab". You'll see details on their enhanced approach to protecting public health. Should you copy them in terms of sharing your food safety story?

This is what I would say. There has been a definite shift over the past few years in what information customers are interested in. Today customers are more aware than ever that food safety is important and that it can't be taken for granted. They want to know what you are doing to protect them.

No doubt you are investing in your food safety program. If you want to get equity out of that investment, make sure your customers are aware of it. Shout it from the roof tops! The roof tops being your website, social media forums and marketing materials. If you are struggling to capture your story in a way that will resonate, let us help. Brand Protection Consultants will make it easy for you tell your story. We have years of experience assisting the foodservice industry in enhancing food safety and brand protection programs.

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