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Easy staff scheduling process for hospitality & retail - Yes It's True!

Many of my hospitality and retail clients struggle with staff scheduling. It can be a "pain" to say the least. There are so many benefits to investing in a dynamic scheduling software platform. Automation will make a substantial positive impact on your KPIs. Learn how this retailer changed their approach to labor management by partnering with ZUUS.

Complete Nutrition Company Culture & Approach

Complete Nutrition® is a network of more than eighty high-quality nutritional supplement retail stores. Their focus is on providing personal service and expert consulting to customers who have specific nutrition goals. Complete Nutrition locations are different, because they are more than just a retail store. They focus heavily on service and helping customers achieve goals. The retail locations are inviting and personable.

Why the Need For Improved Metrics Visibility? Complete Nutrition is passionate about providing a unique, personal experience for their customers. Because they lacked visibility to key performance metrics throughout their hierarchy they struggled to schedule in a way that was ideal for customer focus. Leadership knew there must be a better way.

Why ZUUS? The Value to Complete Nutrition

The Complete Nutrition team was impressed with ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling software, especially the robust reporting capabilities. Prior to ZUUS scheduling system was antiquated. It was handled using multiple tools which did not communicate with each other. This included a manual excel process and a basic online scheduling tool. The process was cumbersome, time consuming and limited the ability to see time punches and Point of Sale (POS) statistics. Without visibility to POS data it was almost impossible to build efficient schedules. ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling brings together scheduling, time and attendance and real time labor & sales metrics.

The ZUUS platform replaced and automated existing multiple systems. This streamlined the entire process creating more time for the tasks that matter most.


Customer Engagement Complete Nutrition looks for innovative technologies which provide actionable data to drive results. ZUUS plays a role in this by freeing up time for managers and staff members to engage in customer facing activities vs. administrative tasks. Integrating ZUUS and other customer focused programs is paying off. Complete Nutrition is seeing positive result on customer satisfaction (tracked through their Listen 360 Customer Experience Platform), after stores implemented ZUUS.

Customer Conversions & Retention Complete Nutrition expects the staff to engage with each and every customer that comes through the door. ZUUS ensures that schedules are optimized so that customers are never left waiting.

The leadership team is excited to see evidence of more customer conversions and improved retention when ZUUS was put in place.

Transparency and Accountability

Carla Nesi, Business Analyst, shared “Overall, making the decision to implement ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling and having more visibility is awesome for us. Before, schedules were all over the the place. We love that we can put everything into one view and add metrics! In the stores as soon as the ZUUS platform was up and running we began experiencing positive results. We saw clearly that staff were working excess hours which was directly impacting labor costs. The ZUUS Labor OptiXTM tool indicated where to make staff adjustments so that we did not over staff when in quiet periods, or under staff when busy. The transparency holds managers more accountable and they are able to make needed adjustments in the system to maintain profitability. This automation reduced time spent scheduling.”

Real-time Schedule Adjustments

A key operations Team Member added, “Visibility solves a lot of problems, being able to do a lot of these tasks remotely has been a game changer. We are already taking advantage of using ZUUS remotely, “on the fly”. We had a situation, where at one of our locations two staff members resigned. The District Manager needed to quickly fill those gaps, he requested the addition of an employee for support. Using ZUUS Staff XchangeTM I quickly made that change while working remotely. I have also helped several stores get their labor hours back into our target range, which is exciting.”

Automation resulting in Efficiency

Staff punch in and out via ZUUStime on iPads. Managers can check and approve hours worked on the go to ensure everyone gets paid correctly. Automation has substantially reduced the time it takes to generate and export payroll reports. A member of the IT team says, “it has been eye opening to me and the team in terms of inefficiency of the old payroll process before. Pre-ZUUS it took more than 3 full business days to complete payroll, this now takes less than a day. Utilizing ZUUS we have reduced this time by more than 60%. This is a huge benefit to the payroll team and the entire organization.”

Employee Satisfaction

Complete Nutrition continuously looks for ways to make the lives of their employees easier. By investing in tools like ZUUS they make day to day tasks more intuitive and efficient. “We love having the user manual easily accessible inside the platform - it gives us simple guidance as needed. We’ve had very few questions from the field regarding how to use the ZUUS system.” - Carla

Smooth Project Implementation

There is risk and sometimes apprehension when it comes to changes involving process and software. ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling has designed a seamless implementation process which allows their customers to focus on day to day operations. The ZUUS implementation team does the heavy lifting. Carla compared the positive ZUUS experience with another project by saying, “Complete Nutrition recently worked on a project with a vendor who did not have simple, smooth project implementation. It was a less than ideal experience. In contrast, ZUUS dedicated an experienced project manager for support which was awesome. Thanks to the project manager and team at ZUUS our transition was successful and our team of users are very pleased.

"With ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling, Complete Nutrition can quickly create schedules that meet labor budgets, we share our staff more effectively, have accurate timesheet records and complete payroll so much faster and with less errors!”

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