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Reliable Health Inspection Audit Consulting Programs in the DTC Area

Located on Denver’s County’s Southern boundary with views of Pikes Peak, Mount Evans, and the rest of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range, the Denver Technological Center (DTC) provides an accessible environment for multinational corporations, investors, and professionals. The food business is one of many thriving industries out of the thousands of companies residing in the Denver business district.

It is important to protect consumers and foodservice operators through the regular inspection of food handling of convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and other food-related establishments. Denver has implemented extensive food safety standards to reduce the occurrences of food poisoning and to prevent food-borne illnesses. To guarantee the safety of over 35,000 employees and thousands of enterprises in DTC, Denver encourages locals to attend health inspection audit consulting program.

Why do you need an experienced consulting business on food safety?

Over the years, Brand Protection Consultants has been a top-notch provider of invaluable food safety services including health inspections, training, and consultations. Our objective is to educate both consumers and food establishments on food safety practices to reduce occurrences of food-borne illnesses.

Here is how Brand Protection Consultants assures the safety of existing food businesses:

  • The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has granted us a Certified Professional Food Safety Credential.

  • We have improved the existing operations and compliance programs of food service organizations including convenience stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

  • We conduct audits by measuring and collecting information on the reliability and effectiveness of companies’ programs.

  • We examine safety training, corrective action program development, and response efforts within the business.

Learn more about our services and connect with Brand Protection Consultants by calling us at (720) 669-8032.

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