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Suggested Health Inspection Audit Consulting Services in Denver, CO

Denver is the home of over 5,000 food businesses. One of the keys to a successful food retail business in Denver is a comprehensive knowledge of food safety and health inspection programs. The local and national public health department offices in Denver conduct investigations of food businesses to ensure that establishments follow safe handling procedures. Although health inspection is necessary to ensure the safety of consumers, some food business owners and retailers do not administer their own.

Poor health inspections can severely damage a business. Shutdowns hit the bottom line immediately, for starters. Plus, consumers have access to lists of food safety violations— and word travels. Thus, Denver’s government encourages the food processing industry and its customers to explore health inspection audit consulting services to identify potential problems in the food supplies in order to prevent food-borne diseases.

Safety Food Handling with Brand Protection Consultants

With at least 15 years of expertise in the food industry, Brand Protection Consultants has been successful in identifying food safety problems.

How we provide comprehensive knowledge of proper food handling:

  • We provide recommendations based on best practices and our long experience in the food safety industry.

  • We offer diverse programs with customized plans for start-up businesses, medium-scale companies, and multinational corporations.

  • We have extensive experience in helping improve existing food safety programs and implementing new ones.

  • We serve in the areas of risk management, food safety, and food-borne illnesses prevention as well as ensuring clean food sources.

  • Our team consists of trained professionals who comprise sanitarians, environmental health specialists, microbiologists, and former members of local and federal agencies.

Brand Protection Consultants is one call away to answer your food inspection questions. Contact us at (720) 669–8032 and learn how we can help you achieve your food safety goals.

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