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Recommended Food Safety Training Initiatives in Denver, CO

Situated on top of rolling plains with over 200 mountain peaks which soar to 11,000 feet, The Mile High City is home to thousands of food businesses. Denver has provided day-to-day comprehensive safety standards to protect public health by educating consumers about the food-borne diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, and to reduce the occurrences of food poisoning. Last January 1st, Colorado adopted the 2013 FDA Food Code as the new standard safety regulation for food services in the state. The government encouraged all retail owners and consumers to learn about these fundamental changes which impact the Denver food industry. If you are one out of those thousand food business owners in Denver, then you and your employees can get food safety training to comply with the new food protection regulation and better protect your customers.

Ensure Food Safety with Brand Protection Consultants!

Brand Protection Consultants caters not only food business owners, but also consumers. We take pride in our years of valuable experience in operational and process food safety with a vast array of local food services and retail companies.  

Here is how we provide valuable food safety education to retailers in Denver’s food industries:

  • With more than 15 years of deep expertise in the industry, we hold a Certified Professional Food Safety Credential granted by the National Environmental Health Association.

  • We have improved business operations and implemented robust compliance initiatives working with food establishments including convenience stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

  • We assist established brands with a distinctive, positive approach.

  • We guarantee to our partner foodservice operators that we will implement best practices and streamline processes efficiently.

Keep your food businesses protected and safe! Connect with us through our site or call (720) 669-8032 for personalized food safety coaching and training.

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