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Food Safety Training in Denver: Providing Your Food Business with a More Stable Future

Denver, Colorado is home to over 5,000 food businesses. From restaurant to convenience stores, bakeries, bars, dairies and more, all companies must comply with the rules and standards set by the National Environmental Health Association as well as the Colorado Food Code. This regulation aims to reduce unwanted food-borne diseases as well as to diminish the incidence of food poisoning, ultimately. Moreover, health and safety institutions in Denver are encouraging the food industry, as well as consumers,  to investigate complaints, seek knowledge about food and its safety and participate in food training programs.

What is Food Safety Training?

Food safety training aims to educate everyone about the details of food preparation and food business operations. Experts share information about existing health codes, safety issues, violations and other aspects of working in the food industry.

Who Needs Food Safety Training?

No matter what kind of position you hold or what type of work you do, as long as you’re a part of a business that operates in the food industry, you need to know the importance of food safety training. As an owner or manager of a restaurant or any food service entity, you are in charge of your consumer’s health whenever they eat at your establishment. No matter your position, be it a waiter, a cook, or other staff, having a food safety training certification can put you ahead of the competition when you’re applying for a job. Employers always prefer knowledgeable, confident candidates.

Why Has Changed in the Food Business Industry in Denver, CO?

Since January 1, 2019, the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations had been revised. The transition towards the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (US FDA), 2013 model Food Code means that there will be significant changes in food safety requirements. Aside from the current standards, food-related businesses in Denver must be aware of the new regulations. All sectors of the industry are required to make sure their food products and processes meet the safety standards implemented not only by the state but also by global health authorities.

Why Do You Need the Food Safety Training Specialists from Brand Protection Consultants?

Historically, food safety training had been burdensome for food operators. Times have changed; our specialists have found ways to make it feel less intimidating. Our goal is to work with food operators and educate them about simplifying food processes, implementing the industry’s best practices, and making them as easy as possible to execute.

Food Safety Training Areas We Service:
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